Krieg Eterna


Type: Hex Power

Effect Text: Discard one card from your hand, then return the last card you played this round to your hand. This can be used on Kings.

Flavor Text: The die is cast. Or is it?

Flavor Source: Julius Caesar

Artwork: Vercingetorix throws down his arms at the feet of Julius Caesar by Lionel Royer (1899)


Fate is primarily used to play another power card twice. For a slightly more complex example, you could play a spy, then use Fate to recover it from your opponent’s side of the field. Although Fate can be used on Kings, its wording is careful to prevent carrying a King over to the next round (because this would effectively give a player two Kings).

About the card:

This card is in reference to the surrender of Vercingetorix to Caesar and its consequences. After the Battle of Alesia where Caesar decisively took Gaul for the Romans, it was only a few short years until Caesar would decide to cross the Rubicon river in northern Italy in order to march on Rome and ultimately end the Republic becoming the First Emperor of Rome. The often repeated phrase "the die is cast" is called into question here. If we are to believe Caesar, as soon as he crossed the Rubicon and entered Italy with his army there was no turning back till he was Emperor. But maybe the events were set in motion by his earlier conquests in Gaul or he could have still preserved the republic through other means (see also Assassin).

Marc Antony's Oration at Caesar's Funeral by George Edward Robertson