Krieg Eterna

A Battle For The Ages

Kings and Armies assemble in the fields of Europe. Whether it be for God, glory or gold, the Continent marches to war! Find out how to lead your army.

Meet Your Army

Your units do the fighting, and your King and power cards make the round interesting! You’ll have to learn how to use them together in order to win. With over 100 unique cards, the possibilities are endless!


Krieg Eterna


A fast-paced strategic card game set during the Thirty Years' War. Victory on the battlefield will require deception, skill, and a little luck!

How to Play in 60 Seconds

For more detail see our How to Play page.

Portable, Fast-paced, Dynamic

So many ways to play this game! After hours of gameplay I'm still coming up with new strategies and ways to win, definitely recommend if you want a unique and exciting card game.

- Owen

Easy to learn, fun to play!

Fun quick games with lots of variety between sessions.
Would recommend!

- Andrew

One of the best card games of the year!

You'll start playing and two hours later you're on game ten. It's fun, ever-changing, with lots of strategy for when you should play a certain combo.

- Rusty

Great fun with friends!

Had a blast playing this with friends. Highly recommend!

- Luke

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