Krieg Eterna


Type: Hex Power

Effect Text: Attach to any unit on the field. Subtract one base strength from every unit in its row.

Flavor Text: Gnawing, gnashing, tearing, cracking: The bones of gods break too.

Flavor Source: Hesiod, The Theogony

Artwork: Saturn Devouring his Son by Francisco de Goya (1823)


Famine can be played against your opponent to significantly weaken one of their rows, or could even be played in your own row to create adjacency from units with four base strength.

About the card:

Saturn Devouring his Son is part of a series of 14 paintings known as the Black Paintings, which Francisco Goya painted directly on the walls of his house. Goya would paint in the middle of the night with a crown of candles attached to his head for light. The painting depicts the Titan Saturn (named Kronos in Greek), who, according to legend, ate his children after it was prophesied that his children would murder him.

Saturn by Peter Paul Rubens (1636)

In the Greek myth Kronos swallows all of his children, but Rhea, their mother, would't allow Kronos to swallow Zeus, instead tricking him by giving him a stone in a blanket to swallow. After Zeus grows into adulthood, having been raised in secret, he challenges Kronos and cuts open his stomach to free the other gods. For the next ten years Zeus and his brothers, Hades and Poseidon, would wage war on the Titans. Many of the Titans were trapped in the pit of Tartarus, with the notable exceptions of Prometheus, who had sided with the Olympians, and Atlas, Kronos' commander, who was forced to hold up the heavens as punishment (see also Omen or Burden).