Krieg Eterna


Type: Hex Power

Effect Text: Attach to any unit on the field. Add the number of units in its row to its base strength.

Flavor Text: A Black Boar's head was set upon the table and all thoughts of matrimony turned to murder.

Flavor Source: S.R. Crockett, The Black Douglas

Artwork: A Boyar Wedding Feast by Konstantin Makovsky (1883)


The most straightforward way to use Feast is simply to buff your own units. However, more subtle use-cases are to create adjacency for your own units, or even to break adjacency for your opponent. Remember that Feast counts all units in the row, including the unit it is attached to. In addition, if more units are added to or removed from the row after was played, the strength contributed by should keep updating to reflect the current state of the playing field.

About the card:

This card is in reference to an event in the 13th century where the young earl of Douglas and his brother were invited to dine with the King of Scotland James II. At the start of the dinner a black bull's head was placed in front of William Douglas signifying his death. He and his Brother were then given a show trial and beheaded despite the young King's protest. William's great uncle James Douglas would inherit his title and is likely the main conspirator.

Banquo's Ghost by Théodore Chassériau (1854)