Krieg Eterna


Type: Weather Power

Effect Text: Halve the strength of all Range rows or all Siege rows this round.

Flavor Text: "You can't see which way is up in here!"

Artwork: In a Fog by David Farquharson (1897)


Weather cards, like Fog, which halve the strength of a row should be used to punish your opponent for playing heavily in a single row, counter a King’s doubling effect, or make a row unattractive to your opponent. It’s best either to (1) play these cards late in the round to take your opponent by surprise, or (2) play these cards early in the round to set up a bluff (e.g. in a combo with Gale). Remember, you must declare the weather’s row when the card is played.

About the card:

All of human thought swirls like fog in a valley. Some knowledge rises as the peaks of terrifying mountains; only worn down a little by the passing of the age. But as the light of memory fades, and certainty turns to rumor and rumor to myth, many things are lost; never to be known again. We may rediscover some of what came before through archeology or scientific inquiry, but we will never know the past quite in the same way as those who lived it.

Wanderer above the sea of fog by Caspar David Friedrich (1818)

Could we ever know what it is to be Emperor of Rome or Pharaoh of Egypt? Many great and terrible leaders have tried to reignite that long dead flame, but old Rome is gone, greater as an ideal than it was in life, and the Pyramids have long been robbed of their treasures. Time goes on. So strike out into the fog! See what you can illuminate in the ruins of our past and unknown future. Build up great spires of insight and philosophy to guide our children's children in the fog.