Krieg Eterna


Strength: 5

Type: Siege Unit

Flavor Text: I will make thee a terror, and thou shall be no more: though sought for, thou shall never be found again.

Flavor Source: Ezekiel 26:21

Artwork: The Battle of Terheide by Jan Abrahamsz Beerstraaten (1653)

About the card:

Jan Abrahamsz Beerstraten was a Dutch painter specializing in marine art and works depicting the First Anglo-Dutch war and the Dutch-Swedish war.

In this painting, he shows the final battle of the first Dutch war (July 31, 1653), in which the Dutch lost 15 ships and their leader Maarten Tromp was killed. The battle was a disaster for the Dutch – although it ended the English blockade of the Dutch coast, the Dutch armada was so damaged that it couldn’t recover and the war was effectively ended.

Siege of Tyre by Tom Lovell (1965)

The flavor text refers to the prophesied destruction of Tyre, a city in present day Lebanon that served as a fortress and port in antiquity. Both Nebuchadnezzar II, the King of Babylon, and Alexander the Great of Macedonia laid siege to and conquered the city. In order to capture the city, Alexander built a half kilometer long mole into the ocean on a sandbar. At the end of the mole sat two siege towers with catapults and ballistas to launch missiles at the defenders of the city.