Krieg Eterna


Strength: 2

Type: Ranged Unit

Flavor Text: "He was a good outlaw, and did poor men much good."

Flavor Source: Robin Hood

Artwork: George Douglas, 16th Earl of Morton by Sir William Beechey (18th to 19th Century)

About the card:

William Beechey was one of the most prominent portrait artists of the Enlightenment painting the British Royals from "Mad King George" George the Third to Queen Victoria including many other famous and powerful people of his time including prime ministers, dukes, actors, scientists and doctors.

The subject of this painting is George Douglas, 16th Earl of Morton in Scotland who despite the flavor text was probably not fond of poor people. Despite being no Robin Hood, He was a member of the Royal Company of Archers and a Fellow of the Fellow of the Royal Society, the most prestigious scientific institution in Britain.

Douglas was probably best know for trying to breed a hybrid of a horse and a quagga, a now exctinct subspecies of Zebra native to South Africa. He apparently did breed a horse with stripes on its hind legs and neck (pictured above) and this fact was later cited in Charles Darwin's "On The Origin of Species" as an example of telegony, where two male's can impart their gene's in a single offspring, but this was later found to be false.