Krieg Eterna


Type: Hex Power

Effect Text: Send one of your units on the field and two of your opponent's units to the graveyard.

Flavor Text: Something awful, hideous, and suddenly understood... Razumihin turned pale.

Flavor Source: Fyodor Dostoevsky, Crime and Punishment

Artwork: Ivan the Terrible and His Son Ivan by Ilya Repin (1885)


Wrath is essentially a more powerful, but more costly, version of Death, and should use the same strategies.

About the card:

This card depicts the Death of Ivan the Terrible's Son Ivan (see also Terror King). After an argument about the Tsar's wife, in which he beat her and possibly caused a miscarriage, Ivan the Terrible struck his son with his cane causing a hemorrhage and his death four days later. This painting is set after Ivan's son has already died and in contrast to many other depictions of the Tsar, where he appears formidable and menacing, here he is shown as fearful and gaunt revealing his weakness as a human.

This card's flavor text is from a passage in the novel Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoevsky (see also Offering or Void).

They Did Not Expect Him by Ilya Repin (1884)

"It was dark in the corridor, they were standing near the lamp. For a minute they were looking at one another in silence. Razumihin remembered that minute all his life. Raskolnikov’s burning and intent eyes grew more penetrating every moment, piercing into his soul, into his consciousness. Suddenly Razumihin started. Something strange, as it were, passed between them.... Some idea, some hint, as it were, slipped, something awful, hideous, and suddenly understood on both sides.... Razumihin turned pale."

This moment is the first time in the novel where Razumihin realizes that Raskolnikov’s, the novel's subject, is a murder.