Krieg Eterna


Type: Hex Power

Effect Text: Send any number of your units on the field to the graveyard. All other players then send the same number of units to the graveyard.

Flavor Text: Only iron can save us, And only blood can redeem From the heavy chains of sin, From the arrogance of evil.

Flavor Source: Max von Schenkendorf, The Iron Cross

Artwork: Death and the Soldier by Hans Larwin (1917)


War is another variant of Death, with the subtlety that all players can choose which cards they send to the graveyard. A good strategy is to flood your side of the field with weaker or undesired unit cards, then play to force your opponent to destroy their stronger units.

About the card:

If you study history enough, you start to realize that war leads to war leads to war. However, for a narrow sliver of time in a narrow part of the world, we have largely escaped the horrors of conflict. But just as we should expect that no rainstorm will be the last to shed water, we should expect the return of conflict. After all, it is an incredibly human endeavour. So it must have felt for the Germans in 1914. After unification in 1871, there was relative peace for 43 years, supported by a careful balance of military powers in Europe making war unthinkable. But in 1914 a series of unlikely, but incredibly human, events would drag the German empire into the bloodiest series of conflicts in its history.

The proclamation of the German Empire by Anton von Werner (1885)

Would any of these men in 1871, having freshly defeated France and united Germany, have predicted that at it's absolute zenith Germany would come crashing down and take the world with it? From the Palace of Versailles, could they have seen the horrors of World War I and II, the trenches and the Holocaust? Or like many of us, did they think themselves the exception to the rule, that war was over and their might would last forever?