Krieg Eterna


Strength: 2

Type: Siege Unit

Flavor Text: Their guns sounded from dusk till dawn; but we repelled them all.

Artwork: The relief of Vienna by Frans Geffels (1694)

About the card:

With the city and country surrounded things did not look hopeful for the defending Austrians. Over the past 200 years the Ottoman Empire had slowly taken much of the Balkans and Hungary and now were besieging Vienna itself, the imperial capital. The Austrian's only hope laid in the hands of the Polish King Sobieski III and his famous winged hussars (heavy mounted cavalry that wore metal wings on their backs). After a two month long siege, the relief army was in place and the largest cavalry charge in history went on to destroy the Ottoman army (see also Cavalry). For the next 16 years the Imperial army would drive the Ottomans out of Hungary, and this battle would be the high water mark for the Sultan's possessions in Europe.

King John III Sobieski Sobieski sending Message of Victory to the Pope by Jan Matejko