Krieg Eterna


Strength: 3

Type: Spy Power

Effect Text: Play in your opponent's Range row, then draw two cards. At the end of the round, this unit returns to the player's hand whose side of the field it is on.

Flavor Text: "Oh the Humanity!"

Flavor Source: Herbert Morrison after the Hindenburg Disaster

Artwork: The Great Fire of London by Josepha Jane Battlehooke (1675)


Spies are a powerful way to stall and obtain card draw, effectively giving you more turns than your opponent; however, your opponent will pick up the spy at the end of the round to use against you. To minimize your opponent’s opportunity for card draw, try to use other power cards to pick up the spy directly from the playing field, send the spy to the graveyard, swap the spy back to your side of the field (so it returns to your hand at the end of the round), or play your spy in the final round of the game. Similar to other spies, Saboteur comes with the risk of creating adjacency for your opponent, so it is safer to play after your opponent has passed.