Krieg Eterna


Strength: 4

Type: Ranged Unit

Flavor Text: Beware the phantom dutchman, its crew and its captain; Beware ye reckless sailor, Beware the ceaseless jailor!

Artwork: The Blockade of the Privateers' Nest at Dunkirk by Cornelius Verbeeck (1630)

About the card:

In the Netherlands' Eighty Years War with Spain, the port of Dunkirk remained in Spanish hands for the majority of the war. The Dunkirkers became a major enemy to the Dutch as they would capture the merchantman ships that were keeping the Dutch economy afloat in the face of a hegemonic but continually bankrupt Spanish Crown. From this golden age of Dutch piracy and trade came the myth of the Flying Dutchman, a crew of ghostly sailors that would appear asking after men long dead.

The Ghostly Carrack by Nisbet, Hume (1892)

According to John Leyden's Scenes of Infancy "The crew of this vessel are supposed to have been guilty of some dreadful crime, in the infancy of navigation; and to have been stricken with pestilence ... and are ordained still to traverse the ocean on which they perished, till the period of their penance expire"