Krieg Eterna


Type: Hex Power

Effect Text: Take the top two cards in the unit graveyard and play them on your side of the field.

Flavor Text: What is it? The phantom of a cup that comes and goes?

Flavor Source: Lord Tennyson, Idylls of the King

Artwork: The Faithful Knight by Thomas Jones Barker (1881)


Grail can be used to recover the last units sent to the graveyard, so always be sure to keep track of what’s being discarded.

About the card:

The Holy Grail in Lord Tennyson's Idylls of the King discusses the quests of Percival, Galahad, and other knights of the Round Table in searching for the Holy Grail that would ultimately lead to the destruction of King Arthur's court at Camelot. After sitting in the Siege Perilous at the round table, the chair in which only Merlin and the Grail knight may sit in, Galahad sees the Grail in a vision. All of the knights vow to quest for it, but many do not return and the Grail is lost forever.

The Temptation of Percival by Arthur Hacker (1894)

The question might be, is it noble to throw ourselves at unattainable goals? Some of the knights did see the grail by the end of their quest, but was their success worth the dissolution of Camelot?