Krieg Eterna


Strength: 2

Type: Ranged Unit

Flavor Text: They said he could hit an apple off her head, but she was rude and he was peckish.

Artwork: Portrait of a Man Holding a Crossbow by Unknown Flemish Artist (17th Century)

About the card:

William Tell is a legendary Swiss hero who is said to have lived in the early 14th century and defied the Austrian rule over his homeland. According to the legend, he was an expert marksman with a crossbow who was forced by the tyrannical governor Albrecht Gessler to shoot an apple from his son’s head as a punishment for not bowing to the governor’s hat (see also Archer).

Wilhelm Tell by Friedrich Pecht (1859)

Tell succeeded in the apple shot, but revealed that he had prepared a second arrow to kill Gessler if he had harmed his son. He was then arrested, but managed to escape and later assassinated Gessler with the second bolt, sparking a rebellion that led to the formation of the Swiss Confederacy.