Krieg Eterna


Strength: 3

Type: Siege Unit

Flavor Text: Doomed to flames of woe; Our lady of sorrows.

Flavor Source: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Artwork: Assault on the village of Gimry by Franz Alekseevich Roubaud (1891)

About the card:

The painting depicts Russian troops storming the village of Aul Gimry during the Caucasian War 1817 - 1864. The Caucasian War was actually a series of wars, as Tsarist Russia invaded and subjugated parts of the Caucasus between the Black and Caspian Seas. Russian troops were resisted by Muslim forces under several leaders, including Imam Shamil. The Russian writer Leo Tolstoy took part in the war, which then provided background for his famous novel, War and Peace.

The Russian artist Franz Roubaud is known for large scale panoramic paintings, including 360-degree paintings of battles that required their own pavilion for exhibition. In Sturm Aul Gimry, he portrays not only the confusion but also the emotional impact of battle.

"Doomed to flames of woe; Our lady of sorrows." is from the Dies irae (Day of Wrath), a medieval Latin poem depicting the Last Judgement and used in the Roman Catholic Requiem Mass (Mass for the Dead). The poem was also used as the lyrics for Mozart’s Requiem in D minor, probably one of his most famous works.